角聲福音廣場為3-5歲兒童,開啟“Bible Story House聖經故事屋”兒童事工。時間是週一至週五,上午9點30~12點30。事工內容:通過聖經故事,禱告,音樂,中文,手工繪畫等方式將聖經的價值觀傳遞給孩子們。為了保護孩子們的健康,我們將按照紐約市衛生局的指導,課程只接受10名兒童。雖然我們在經濟上仍在難處中,但學費以建議奉獻的方式來支持該項兒童事工。您若願意將孩子的教養紮根在神的話語上, 歡迎加入我們的故事屋!請聯絡我們 718-799-8233;karenlou@cchc.org


『Raising Highly Capable Kids培養卓越下一代』是紐約角聲與美國愛家協會合作開展的華人家長工作坊。課程為期13周,主要以“Search Institute” 研究的40项成長要素为基础(每項成長要素都以聖經為根基)。研究所已經对超过500万名兒童進行了數十年的研究,發現每个孩子成長和成熟都需要40个成長的基本要素。孩子一生擁有的这些成長要素越多,他/她更有可能远离那些不健康的行为。


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RHCK Program Testimony 培養卓越的下一代 見證   4.29.2020
Janie Zhang, Karen Lou, Kailin Chen

After being trained by the American Family Focus, the CCHC family ministry finally kicked off the “Raising Highly Capable Kids” parenting training program. This project has attracted the attention of community parents, early childhood teachers, church leaders, and Sunday school teachers since the workshop started last year.

To break the conservative and implicit style of Asian parents, we have integrated the biblical values ​​of “love one another” and “acceptance” into our course atmosphere, creating an open, relaxed, and privacy-protecting environment that allows participants to open their hearts and share freely. As the course progresses, in addition to the training content bringing everyone new concepts and helping parents to update their minds; each participant sharing their own experiences,  that has become precious common assets for everyone.  No matter if the participants’ experience is positive or negative, we can unearth a positive influence on the future. As the Bible Psalm 119: 67 mentions, “I suffer because I benefit.” The lecturer will also dig deep into any possible entry points to encourage parents to brainstorm so that the course does not stay in a simple theory.

Along the way, parents no longer felt that they were fighting alone. More than a dozen families were linked together by this program to support each other. Even as instructors ourselves, also as mothers, we have benefited greatly from this process. Furthermore, within the active participation of CCHC urban Missionaries, we have a better and smoother spiritual atmosphere, and every session begins with prayer. And thank God, while we become more close, everyone would like to pray together at the end of each session. After class, we contacted parents individually to answer their questions and more for listening to their voices and challenges.

We have a Single mother who has gradually realized that when it comes to raising children, many times the problem is not with the children, but first she has to face herself and change her own ideas and concepts. And after several continuously extra private connecting times, she also began to desire and search for God’s words and was willing to accept our evangelism.

May God continue to bless this program and all participating families and their children. All glory belongs to the Lord Jesus.