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Tel: (347) 748-2641

Address:Herald Mission Center
156-03 Horace Harding Expressway, Flushing, NY 11367

The Chinese Christian Herald Crusades’ ministries started with just a table 40 years ago, and now it has spread all over the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Europe, Hong Kong, Australia and other places; with the goal to diversify caring missions.

Services (New York)

The Herald Monthly was published 35 years ago. Today, it has become food for the soul in many Chinese regions around the world.

Our Immigration Service Center provides free immigration and legal consultation services for the public. The public can consult with a lawyer on the phone after making an appointment. Phone number: (718) 799-8212

The English naturalization class helps naturalization applicants to successfully pass the test requirements and pass the test to become a U.S. citizen.

Haven Café offers translation services every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Chinese-English translations, written or oral translations are available. You’re welcome to visit directly or make an appointment by phone. Phone number: (646) 207-6574

The free tax return preparation service initiated by the Immigration Service Center mainly serves the retired, single, or couples of low-income families over the age of 55.

We reach out to elementary and middle school students in the area; by helping them with their homework and exploring their talents, we would also teach the Gospel to the children and their families.

CCHC After-School tutoring classes help children complete their homework and studies. It also shoulders the mission of caring for the children and their families’ spiritual growth.

Camp Herald is located in Upstate New York. Our Gospel camps have changed the lives of many young people through activities such as summer camps, retreats, baptism camps, and fellowship outings.

We organize a team of volunteers to let them learn and grow through activities such as serving neighboring communities, various evangelistic activities, and after-school tutoring classes for children throughout the summer.

The Yeehong Center provides a safe and warm place for the elderly. This is where they can learn talents, make friends, have the opportunity to get in touch with the Gospel, and spend every day richly and colorfully.

The purpose of the Herald Cancer Association is to care for cancer friends in need through different forms of lectures, fellowships, mutual aid clubs and caring groups. We want to accompany them through their journey in fighting cancer.

The Herald Learning Center provides a variety of courses for the community, emphasizing English learning. Besides that, it offers art courses, such as painting, Erhu, and etc. We would also organize teacher-student associations and  off-campus activities to enhance the friendship between teachers and students.

Haven Café provides barista courses for special needs children and teenagers, allowing them to have more interaction and social experiences in the process of serving customers.

In addition to providing a beautiful meeting place for churches, Herald Blooming Garden in Upstate New York can also hold different themed camps and workshops according to the needs and interests of different age groups. We practice the strategy of “building touchpoints, friendships, and faith” in a progressive manner.

HUMI is an important institute within CCHC to train urban caring evangelists. The building of HUMI has just been completed and is waiting for the Building Bureau to pass the inspection before it can be used.